Smoking A Pipe On The Porch


Just a bit ago, something made me want to sit on my porch and smoke my Civil War pipe. I’ve been missing the campaign recently and maybe I just wanted to be reconnected in some way.

I missed out on my last campaign stop back in September due to my busy grad school schedule. Yes, life does get in the way sometimes. I feel cheated in a way, the ‘have to do’ vs. the ‘want to do’.


There’s something about the trip back through time that keeps me balanced. It counteracts the craziness of my daily grind and reminds me of a simpler time I suppose. Soldiers in the Civil War had a tough life for sure: living outside, constant drilling and marching, being away from their families, disease, hunger and then there’s the getting shot at part.

Yet there was the part where they fought for the guy next to them, did what they were told and had a single-mindedness to their lives; to fight for what they believed in and to survive.

As I took a draw of smooth smoke I closed my eyes, and as the quick drizzle started to fall I pictured myself out in a field, in the dryness of my tent and for just a moment I was there with my friendsĀ  – back in time where I like it. As the glow in my pipe went to black I realized the fire stills burns. It will be a long winters cold until the flame lights once again but the memory of the campaign will keep me plenty warm.